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Graham Hines MRCVS - Holistic Vet and Official Veterinarian

Export Certification

DEFRA / APHA registered OV

If you would like certification for an export of Animal Products please contact me on the form below or by ringing

I am an Official Veterinarian (OV) and experienced in completing export certification for Products of Animal Origin to both the European Union and 3rd Countries. I have over the years worked in Meat Hygiene as an OV, and as a Portal OV at Gatwick and for the Corporation of London but now work part time covering exports in my locale of Deeside near Chester within about 50 miles providing export certificates for Animal Origin Products to the EU and Third Countries. Contact me on 07903268439 if you have any enquiries.

Holistic Veterinary Referrals

If you want to see an holistic vet in Merseyside, Cheshire or North Wales please
contact me

I am now re-starting regular clinics at the
Dog's Diner on the Wirral and soon hope to have another clinic in North Wales. If you have a treatment room I could use contact me
Services Offered:


Natural Feeding

Herbal Medicine


Read more about these Services on these pages

You are what you eat - eat well
Why a raw food diet is good for dogs

Natural Feeding

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates, Greek Philosopher

Nutrition: Why Feed Your Cat or Dog a Raw based Diet?

10 Reasons to Feed Species Appropriate Raw Foods:

  • Improved Gut and Skin Biome leading to…

  • Shiny Skin and Coat
  • Improved Digestion
  • Smaller less smelly Poo
  • Pets Love them
  • Less Itching and Scratching
  • Cleaner Teeth and Gums - Gently and Naturally
  • Less Gas and Odour - Fresh Breath
  • More Energy
  • Easier to Control Weight
  • Improved Joint Health
Read more about the benefits of a Biologically Appropriate Diet in this Section of the Website

Natural Medicine - Holistic, Complementary Medicine

I discuss briefly here about the following modalities of holistic medicine with links and references so you can learn more.

I do not dismiss conventional Medicine and will often recommend you use it in conjunction with these techniques to produce the best outcome for your companion. Ask for a referral from your vet and learn more on the links below

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